A collection of videos created and shared free on Youtube using

the 371 chorales harmonized by J. S. Bach. Created for the practice

of music dictation of 4-part harmony.

Videos 1 - 10: Advanced - Music Dictation - Ear training - College level.

Each 4-part chorale is presented 10 times in order for you to dictate all four parts.

Starting with the Soprano, then Bass. concluding with either the

Tenor - Alto or Alto - Tenor. Each video is preceded by basic instructions and

information required to complete the task: key signature, time signature,

number of measures and number of phrases. The opening chord is heard followed

by the first note of the Soprano part.

Videos 11 - 15: A little easier, 2-part & 3-part harmony, similar presentation.

Videos 16 - 20: Advanced: 4-part Harmony featuring the opening phrases of

a few of J. S. Bach's most famous chorales.

4-Part BACH Chorales, Series 1

4-Part BACH Chorales, series 2

Listen Up!: 2-3 Part BACH Chorales

Listen Up! Series 2 (16 - 20)

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